Capital Sexual Battery

State and Federal Sex Crime Criminal Defense Sarasota: 941-366-3506 Lee County: 239-334-8890
State and Federal Sex Crime Criminal Defense
Sarasota: 941-366-3506
Lee County: 239-334-8890

Capital Sexual Battery

A clients worst nightmare………..Falsely Accused!

If you, a loved one or a friend are under investigation or worse yet, have been arrested for Capital Sexual Battery, be prepared for the battle of your lifetime…..Being accused of a sex crime with a child, particularly one under the age of 12, exposes you to a life sentence without parole. A false accusation by a relative or neighbor child can result in an arrest, a high bond, or worse yet no bond, loss of employment and the scorn of your relatives, co-workers and neighbors. Everyone assumes the child is telling the truth and you are presumed guilty

Not all criminal defense lawyers handle child sex crimes

Being charged with a sex offense can destroy your life

Do you want a DUI lawyer or a ticket clinic handling your case?


Experience can make a huge difference in mounting a successful defense.  Peter Aiken has over thirty five years of actual trial experience in defending sex crimes, including child pornography, lewd and lascivious conduct and child rape accusations. Cross examining a child is unlike any other type of cross examination. Deposing a child takes skill, experience and compassion and is a skill that comes only with decades of experience. When the rest of your life is on the line, you need an attorney that is not judgmental, one that is compassionate and not just in it for the money. Small children can be manipulated into making up a story and believing it.

Many accusations come years later……There is no limit as to when you can be prosecuted.

Many men are accused years after the fact.

Teenage girls, coming into puberty and seeking attention, often make up stories that are simply not true. They may be prompted by a mother or grandmother in child custody situations. Young children can be brainwashed into believing something really happened when it truly did not. Prosecutors always believe the child. Good results come from hard work!

Most child sex accusations involve relatives and close family friends

Sadly, school teachers, child care workers, babysitters and even members of church groups and clergy can find themselves being falsely accused. The more children you come in contact with, the greater the risk of a false accusation. Heated divorces generate false charges.

Do not wait until you are arrested to lawyer up…..Make no statement whatsoever!

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