Feds Bust Thai Human Trafficking Ring

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Experienced Sex Crime Defense Attorneys
Peter D Aiken : Sarasota 941-366-3506
Sean O’Halloran : Ft Myers 239-334-8890
Andrew Banyai : Punta Gorda 941-639-6009

In Minnesota and across the United States, Federal authorities made dozens of arrests of a Thailand based human trafficking ring. Hundreds of Thai women were lured here with false promises of a future in the modeling or escort business. They literally became sex slaves in bondage to pay for their transportation and in some cases breast augmentations. Local law enforcement in Minneapolis picked up on the unusual number of Thai women being moved around. Some of the traffic was on Backpage.com and the investigation led to the arrest of some of the facilitators including “house bosses” and the people who set up the travel.

Prostitution here is Sarasota is a little different, and you do not see a great number of Asian prostitutes. You do see a Russian and Eastern European influence in the “high end” sex for money trade. As a criminal defense lawyer, I am in favor of legalizing prostitution. The police will never stop it. It has been around throughout all of recorded history. A far better approach would be to legalize it and require licenses with medical exams. For some women, it is a conscious choice of a way to make a living. Many women, contrary to public opinion, are not forced into prostitution. This is particularly true in this the age of the Internet. I would rather see the police dealing with violent crime and terrorists than targeting women who for whatever reason have chosen to pursue the sex for money option.

Many professional men are workaholics and married to their jobs and careers. They, for whatever reason, do not have the time or inclination to become involved in a long term relationships. The same goes for women. It is hypocritical for them to meet women and pretend to want a relationship when all they desire is sex. Men wanting sex is 100% normal. If two consenting adults want to engage in a consensual relationship, even if money is involved, why is it a crime? In many civilized countries, prostitution is tolerated. Here, the laws do not match reality and the police, when business is slow, conduct token stings, solely for publicity.

We need the courage to change the laws and make fewer things a crime

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