World’s Oldest Profession under Attack by Grady Judd

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There were over one hundred arrests in the latest Polk Sex Sting

Grady Judd was again on television bragging about the 100 arrests in the latest prostitution sex in Polk County. Fifty women and fifty one men were arrested in the latest sting. Undercover officers targeted women offering sex on the Internet and set up meetings and arrests. The sheriff also targeted the men arresting 51 guys who responded to ads put up by the Sheriff’s deputies. The Sheriff and his undercover “Hoes” placed ads on and other adult sites suggesting and offering sex. The Sheriff views this operation as a tremendous success. I disagree….It is a waste of precious police resources
Prostitution has been around throughout all of human history. Going back even further, if you believe in evolution, (and I am sure Grady Judd does not), it has been shown that even female chimpanzees traded sex for fruit from male suiters. As long as there are women, and as long as there are men, sex will be offered in exchange for something of value. In the more civilized and pragmatic Countries it is legal and regulated. There would not be the illegal human trafficking or sex involving minors if prostitution was legal. Requiring heath certificates and testing would reduce aids transmission.

Once again, prevention not prosecution is the answer.

In my opinion, prostitution should be legal, and regulated. In Nevada, society has not collapsed with legalized prostitution. The way to reduce the crime rate is to make less things a crime, not run stings embarrassing consenting men and women.

Why should it be illegal for an adult consenting woman (or man) to engage in consensual sex with another consenting adult for money? If a man takes a woman on a fancy date, spends a fortune on dinner and drinks and then they have sex, it is ok. If the man (and the woman) simply want to skip the formalities and get straight to sex, and he gives her the money, what is the big deal? Think about it. If prostitution was legal, it would put the human traffickers out of business.

If pot had been legalized fifty years ago, there would be no Cartels.

Arrests like this make great press and are good publicity but in the long run do nothing. God knows how many police were “busy” while this sting was running. How many packages were stolen off people’s doorsteps while the sting was running? How many cars were broken into? How many homes were burglarized? It is all a matter of priorities and in my opinion, Polk County is not safer as a result of this operation. Hoe! Hoe! Hoe! Let’s hear it for Grady Judd and his undercover Hoes. And good night to you all


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