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February 15 2017

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It never fails.

In Polk County, right around Valentine’s day, Grady Judd and the morals police run another sting which included transmission of child pornography file images .

All of the details are not out but is looks like 19 people in the Orlando area were arrested on child pornography charges. Another 21 were sex offenders that were rearrested on technical violations like not registering an email address, not registering a screen name or some minor violation. Sex offender probation is a trap and has nothing to do with rehabilitation. All the good intentions mean nothing if the probation officer and the Sheriff’s department are looking for a technical violation. They really are out to get you, for even a minor non intentional violation. We will have to wait and see what the underlying facts are for the kiddie porn charges. I have long suspected that the police are entrapping men into sending child pornography.

I cannot believe there are 19 legitimate cases in this latest sex sting.

As a child pornography sex crime defense lawyer, over the years I have seen almost every kind of case. Many of the cases come from the peer to peer file sharing applications and the police will engage people on the Internet and may well talk them into sharing things they would never ordinarily do. Viewing child pornography does not mean that the person is a pedophile. Only a tiny percentage of the people who view child porn go on the commit an offense with a real child. It is a misconception that if a person looks at child porn, they then go on to molest a kid.

The sentences being imposed for child porn are off the charts. Men are getting more time in State prison, up to fifty years for simply looking at child porn in the privacy of their homes. You can get more time than for homicide. The prosecutors run up the guidelines by filing dozens of counts. In reality, with a single click of a mouse a person can download fifty images and face centuries in jail. The criminal justice system has gone nuts when it comes to child pornography.

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