Five more men arrested in Sarasota prostitution sting

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June 4 2017

Here we go again. The Sarasota police continue to pose as hookers on the North trail trying to encourage and arrest men for “soliciting” prostitution. Why not bust the real prostitutes?

Did you know that there is a $5000 dollar civil fine for soliciting a prostitute?
Did you know that the police can seize and forfeit a car for a misdemeanor?

The undercover female detectives walk North trail seductively giving passing men the “eye”. When the men stop, conversations can turn to sex. Would the men stop if the undercover detectives were not there?

The real issue is “who is doing the seducing”. Who is really doing the “solicitation”?

The undercover detectives are generally “putting it out there”, tacitly making an offer, and when a man accepts, charging him with solicitation.
I live in that area. I see the real hookers each day on the way home from my office. The same girls work the same streets and corners. The answer is to legalize prostitution and regulate it.
How many real crimes were committed while the police were busy running this sting? Is this an effective use of police man power? Does this waste Court resources? Is it really necessary?
If a woman waives to you on the Trail, do not stop. Don’t even think about it? The temptation to give them a “poke” will land you in the “Pokey”. Did you know the word “Pokey” goes back to slang and means “welfare hotel” or the “poor house”. If you get nailed with a $5000 civil fine, it may land you in the “poor house”. Poking along on the trail will land you in the jail

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