Hurricane Irma Chaos for Registered Sex Offenders

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If you are a registered sex offender or are on sex offender probation you probably have had a tough week dealing with the hurricane.

The reporting requirements that come with being a registered sex offender make life tough enough without throwing in the problems that arise from a hurricane. If you lost electricity and had to move, you have to notify your probation officer immediately. Some of the probation office locations have been closed for a week. You have to document your change of address. Go to the Sheriff’s office and register a change of address immediately. Send a letter (written notification) to your probation officer. The United States mail is still running even if the offices are still closed. Document your efforts to comply.

If you have a new phone, a new email address, a new screen name, register it immediately.
If your address has changed, be sure and get the new address on your driver’s license.

I have found that there is zero tolerance by the probation officers when it comes to sex offenders so even if you have to jump through hoops to comply, get it done. As a sex crime lawyer, I anticipate there will be a lot of technical violations over the next two months. We have offices in Ft. Myers, Punta Gorda and Sarasota and might be able to keep you from being violated.

A violation of probation has to be willful and substantial.

The hurricane was an unforeseeable event that may have caused you to lose your job, lose your home and have to move. You may not have the money for your electronic monitor or your cost of supervision. If you are hurting for money because of the storm write a letter to your probation officer explaining your financial hardship. Do not give them a reason to violate you. If you are on sex offender probation, I guarantee they are just looking for any excuse to put you in jail.

Don’t wait until you are violated and have been picked up to talk to a lawyer. If you need help dealing with a “problem” probation officer, give me a call. It is a lot easier to line up representation before your get picked up. Call today in Sarasota at 941 366 3506

We can also be reached in Ft. Myers at 239 334 8890


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