Teenage girls and the “me too” syndrome

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December 29 2017

Every day DCF and the police get calls and reports about or from teenage girls who claim they have been molested by a step dad, a neighbor or a grandfather. A teenage girl living with a new stepdad, often misses her biological father and is upset because her mom is with someone new. Simply falsely accusing the new “dad” of some type of molestation or sexual act, in her mind, will have dramatic consequences. We all know how teenage girls love drama. The false accusation makes them the immediate focus of everyone’s attention. They get taken to the DCF office for a child protection team interview. Everyone instantly believes they are a “victim” and from that moment on, they are called the victim. The police investigators assume the “victim” is telling the truth and set about to prove it is the truth. Often it simply is not the truth.

If a man is falsely accused of a sex crime, he is the true victim. A false accusation that leads to a false arrest for sexual battery, a lewd and lascivious act, or some similar sex crime has life changing consequences. A person’s good name and reputation is trashed forever. Their photograph is posted on Mugshots.com. Most often, a ridiculously high bond is set. The person is fired from their job, their friends and relatives abandon them. All of this can be based on what a teenage girl says, with no real proof. The police are supposed to be fair. The prosecutors are supposed to be fair. The judges are supposed to be fair. This however is real life, and life is not fair. If you have been falsely accused or find yourself under investigation you need to lawyer up ASAP. Never submit to an interview without talking to a really good sex crime lawyer. Initial consultations are free and it may be the most important conversation you have ever had with anybody. The cops are masters of interrogation and most times, the person being questioned does not even realize they are the subject of the investigation. Never surrender you phone, computer or password without talking to a lawyer. Never consent to a search without talking to a criminal attorney. The bottom line is clam up and lawyer up.

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