Another Prostitution Sting on North 41 in Sarasota

Peter D Aiken
Sex Crimes Attorney

July 4 2018

There was another token prostitution sting just north of downtown Sarasota this week and five men were arrested. In the stings, undercover police female officers pretend to be street walkers luring men to stop for a quickie. Who is doing the real “solicitation”? Most often it starts with a wink or a wave by the prostitute and the “john” and the undercover officer chat. Who really brings up sex? Who brings up money? Is the police conduct entrapement? Most of the time, it is out of town guys that get arrested. If they own the car they are driving, the police seize it. These token busts accomplish nothing.

Prostitution should be legal

I understand why business owners and residents do not want prostitutes walking up and down the street. The simple answer is to legalize prostitution. If there were legalized houses of prostitution where the girls were medically cleared, where it was safe and sanitary, were the girls were documented legal, it would put an end to illegal prostitution. It would put an end to human trafficking. After all, it is the world’s oldest profession. Over the years, as a criminal defense lawyer, I have represented many men whose lives have been affected by these senseless arrests. Is the police conduct entrapement?Often it is but most men cannot afford to spend the money on a lawyer to fight the case. With a wave, a wink or the nod of the head, these undercover female detectives can ruin a man’s life.

These arrests give the public a phony impression that prostitution will be stopped. It never will.

The way to reduce crime is to make fewer things a crime.

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