How to find the best sex crime Attorney?

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October 8 2020

If you, or a loved one, got arrested for sexual battery, child pornography, date rape, traveling to meet with a minor, or some other Internet sex offense, and you want to find and hire the best sex crime lawyer, there are some important things you need to know.

All lawyers are not created equal

First and most importantly, you should never hire a lawyer based solely on advertising.  There are many lawyers that are good at Internet advertising and Internet marketing, but may lack the necessary experience and courtroom skills to get you the best possible result.

How do I know which lawyer is the best sex crime lawyer?

Do your own homework investigating the sex crime lawyer’s background and experience.  Is the lawyer you are considering going to actually handle the case himself or herself, or is he or she going to refer it to another less experienced lawyer?  Are you talking with the lawyer who will be standing beside you in Court, actually handling your case, or are you talking with a marketing attorney who will shuffle it off to someone else?  Does the lawyer you are talking to actually try sex crime cases? When was the last time the lawyer actually tried a sex crime case?

Sex Crime Cases require knowledge and expertise

In many respects, sex crime defense is more difficult than even homicide defense.  It is the most difficult of all types of accusations to defend against.  It takes knowledge, skill and expertise to cross examine a child witness.  It takes computer forensic experience to cross examine the State’s Forensic expert in a child pornography case It takes experience with the entrapment defense to successfully take on the police in a traveling to meet a minor case.  If you are charged with a sex crime, you need to find the best and most experienced sex crime lawyer.

A good sex crime lawyer has to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk

Go meet with the lawyer you are considering hiring.  Sit across the desk and have an honest discussion.  Is this the person I want with me in the courtroom?  Is the lawyer compassionate? Does the lawyer understand your situation, your anxiety, and your fears?  Is he or she knowledgeable?  Is the lawyer being honest with you or telling you what you want to hear?

Talk is cheap and you want a lawyer that will tell you the truth about what you are facing, not just give you false hope and promises just to get hired.  You deserve honesty and good effective representation.  Attorney interviews are confidential.  Be honest with the lawyer.  Tell the lawyer the truth about what happened, even if it is embarrassing.  The lawyer has to be prepared to challenge the State’s witnesses and evidence and not be surprised at the last minute with damaging evidence.  Effective representation depends on effective honest two way communication.

Desperate People do Desperate Things

An act of desperation may have gotten you into your current legal dilemma. Do not let a lawyer prey on your desperation to hear “we will hit you a home run” or “we can get you a grand slam”.  The best results come from hard work, thorough investigation, decades of experience and compassion.  Don’t strike out hiring some huge law firm and get lost in the shuffle.  One of the law firm advertisements claims they have represented clients with sex crimes for 150 years, a representation clearly not true.  Don’t fall for “lawyer puffing and exaggeration”  You need a real honest lawyer that takes your case personally, gets to know you and your special problems, and is dedicated to doing everything possible to save you from prison and becoming a registered sex offender.

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based on advertising alone, Think twice about who that should be.