Grady Judd’s Morality Police Creating Statistics with Sex Stings

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Yet another sting in Polk with hundreds of arrests for prostitution is a waste of police resources.

How many real crimes were committed while the Sheriff’s department was running the latest sting? Grady Judd is right when he says “sex sells”. It always has and always will. It is as old as human history. It will never be stopped. It is tolerated in most countries and in some of the States. In my opinion, legalized prostitution would reduce crime. If there was legalized prostitution, we would not have human trafficking. In my opinion, it would cut down on sex crimes like rape and child molestation. Sex is a basic human instinct and to suppress it only leads to other far worse situations. If a consenting woman and a consenting man want to have sex, (for money or not), should it be a crime? In the modern world, there are people who because of demanding careers, where they work long hours, simply do not have time for a real relationships. If a doctor, a pharmacist or a business man (or woman) does not have a relationship, does that mean they cannot fulfill the basic instinct for sex? Is it better for someone to lie about feelings just to get sex? I think not.

Sex for money is an honest straightforward relationship. The parties know what they want and don’t have to pretend to have feelings for each other. The Polk County Sheriff pretends that he is making the community safe. In the latest sting, one of his own deputies was arrested. Men and women are publicly disgraced with these bogus arrests all for the sake of creating arrest statistics and publicity. Did you ever notice that the only counties that have sex stings are where the law enforcement agency is run by an elected official? In Dade County, and in Miami, where the chief law enforcement official is a real professional, (public safety director), they don’t run these bogus stings. It is all about getting publicity and getting elected. I am surprised that Grady Judd has not tried to get a law passed to make masturbation illegal.

News flash Grady….human beings like to have sex! In Grady Judd’s world it is better to lie to a woman about your true intentions, better to take her to dinner or woo her with false promises, better to buy her flowers or promise her a trip. Prostitution is one of the world’s oldest true relationships. It may be a very short term one, but it is genuine with no false promises.


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