Is Ft. Myers in line for the next Internet Sex Sting?

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There seems to be no end to the Internet Sex stings.  Now the Various Counties appear to be cooperating with each other trying to lure unsuspecting men from places like Ft. Myers and the Cape to travel the nearby County of Sarasota.  Although the police claim they are protecting the public and catching predators, nothing could be further from the truth.  Interestingly, the police have changed tactics and no longer are using the sites like Craigslist.  Now they are using Internet dating sites like and

Many of the dating sites now match people randomly through GPS applications.  For example, if a person posts a profile as a 22 year old man looking for an 18-22 year old female, and the people come in close geographic proximity,

 the application will randomly match and alert each of them.  The police take advantage of this random dating application and then when the application matches them with someone, they do the bait and switch, then saying something like “Don’t be mad, I am really 14 years old”.  They will then try and lure the guy into chatting by text, and try a lure, seduce and entice him into traveling to participate in some kind of sexual “hookup”

Never respond or chat with anyone that says they are a minor.  This is pure “jail bait” and in many instances absolute entrapment.  The best way to avoid getting arrested is to not commit a crime.  Never chat with a minor or anyone underage about anything.  The police have been targeting the gay sites like Grinder baiting men with seductive pics of teenage boys.  I have represented over forty men charged in these Sex Stings and the truth is that the police target the low hanging fruit and go after young, introverted, shy and sometimes “challenged” men who may not appreciate the seriousness of even “Chatting” or “Sexting” with a minor.

Surprisingly, many men in their thirties, forties and fifties fall victim to the Internet Sex Sting operations.  Most who fall for this, are simply lonely and seeking affirmation.  They fall for the pitch that some young woman might be interested in them.  Many travel out of pure curiosity.  So many times in these cases I see a chat where the guy says something like “you are not a cop are you?”  The undercover chatters can in fact legally lie.  A police undercover operative is under no obligation to tell you if he or she is a cop.  That is a pure myth.

The Internet is a dangerous place and the dating sites are trolled by undercover detectives seeking to set unsuspecting men up or convince them to hookup with fictitious underage girls.

The Sex Stings seem to target the Holidays taking advantage of lonely men.  Don’t take a sleigh ride to jail.  Never, no never chat with anyone underage.  No forty year old man should ever find himself being tempted by anyone pretending to be 14 or 15.  There are no real girls out there that are even remotely interested in an older guy.  Don’t fool yourself.  If you hear “ I am a Virgin, don’t even think twice.  Terminate all contact immediately.  If the undercover chatter reinitiates contact….Block them…Do not get talked into doing something you would never think of doing.

Cops Grinding up Gays on Grinder

Peter D Aiken
Sex Crimes Attorney and Sex Sting Lawyer

May 23 2018

Cops Grinding up Gays on Grinder

The new Federal Law imposing criminal liability on sites that allow and promote prostitution has had a big impact on the ICAC Internet Sex Stings.

The cops can no longer use Craigslist Casual Encounters or Backpage in their bait and switch sex stings. So what sites are they using?

In the last week many of the men arrested were on, a predominantly gay hookup site. The cops are running the basic same sting but instead of using the ploy of an underage female, they are pretending to be “twinks” (young gay men or teens) or pretending to be young men “curious” about their sexual identity. It has been a bonanza for law enforcement with arrests in both Lee and Sarasota County. Bottom line is stay off of Grinder. Do not under any circumstances ever communicate with anyone that even hints they are underage. Do not even chat, text or talk. If you don’t commit the crime, you don’t have to worry about doing time.

As a sex crime lawyer and sex sting lawyer I follow the law enforcement trends. You can expect more arrests of gay men, now that the undercover chatters can’t use Craigslist. The police are also going on the regular sites like and They are posting false profiles at first pretending to be of legal age. The simple answer is to go back to meeting and dating before the Internet. In person, what you see is what you get. On the Internet, everyone lies. The number one lie is gender. The number two lie is age and the number three lie is looks. Don’t fall for the ploy and get arrested. Demand proof of age, verifiable proof of age. Think twice before you get tempted. They don’t call it jail bait for nothing

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