Great new Internet Sex Sting Decision in Sarasota Case

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The Second District Court of Appeal just reversed a conviction arising as a result of the Sarasota Sheriff’s 2019 Sex sting operation.  The Appeal Court has finally addressed the Entrapment techniques being used by the Sarasota Sheriff.  The issue in an entrapment case is whether or not law enforcement is creating the crime and inducing men who are not otherwise predisposed to engage in sex with minors to commit a crime.  The Sarasota Sheriff, with Ed Brodsky’s blessing, has been engaged in outrageous entrapment techniques for years.  Finally an appeal court is addressing this issue.  In the most recent decision, the defendant was not looking for a child and met the undercover detective on where the undercover cop originally posted as an adult. There was zero evidence of predisposition and the inducement and the luring was being done by the Sheriff’s detective.

As a sex sting lawyer, I have been blogging  for years trying to alert the public as to what the Sheriff’s office here in Sarasota has been doing.  Finally the Sheriff’s entrapment methods have been exposed.  I urge everyone to read the Second District Court of Appeal opinion in Demare v State.  You can simply Google “Second District Court of Appeal” and look at recent opinions and look for the one on Demare.  The opinion ruled that the detectives engaged in Entrapment “as a matter of law” and held that the local judge should have dismissed the case.  Hopefully, now with this opinion the local Courts will have some guidance on what is acceptable police conduct, and what is not.

The really sad thing is that the State Attorney’s office should have reigned in these tactics long ago.  The undercover detectives, particularly the ones involved in the 2019 stings, have engaged in outrageous  police conduct.  In another case, arising in this same 2019 sting,  the detectives posted as an adult prostitute, on an escort site, soliciting for prostitution.  In that case the detectives actively advertised that they were an adult prostitute, posted the hours, said they would accept cash and for all intensive purposes pretended to be an adult prostitute.  They then did their basic “bait and switch”.  That case is now working its way through the court system I have a pending motion to dismiss based on this even more outrageous police conduct.

I urge everyone to go read this opinion…Finally…the Courts are doing what the Sarasota State Attorney should have done years ago. 

Did this happen to you? I would like to hear your side .