Date Rape and Statutory Rape

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January 2017

Being falsely accused of a sex crime is a horrible thing.

As a sex crime lawyer, I have seen innocent men falsely accused and under investigation facing malicious false accusations by women.

The crime is actually called sexual battery.

It can take the form of forcible rape or simple alleged non consensual sex in a dating setting. The police routinely believe the woman. The prosecutors almost always take the side of the accuser. Many rape reports and allegations are simply false and most have an ulterior motive by the accuser. Statutory rape is having sex with an underage girl. Many times this involves a 15 year old female who was the real aggressor in a sexual situation. Many times the 15 year old lied about her age or even had a false identification. They sneak in with false identification. You may be arrested even if the girl came on to you and seemingly consented.

When it comes to date rape, some women want to blame their partners for their own indiscretion.

Women and men drink too much or abuse drugs and sex occurs. Some women will not take responsibility for their own conduct and days or weeks later claim they were drugged or the sex was non consensual. This happens all the time in the college setting. Custody disputes in divorce cases often involve allegations of underage sex. Sometimes, money is the real reason. Athletes are common targets for false allegations. As a sex crime lawyer for over thirty years,I have defended false allegations of sexual battery. These cases are defensible and a timely investigation is critical. Do not wait until you are arrested. Many times criminal defense lawyers can expose the false allegation before an arrest occurs.
How to defend against a false charge

Most of the time, there is a reason for the false allegation. It can be jealousy. It can be to gain custody of the child. The accuser can be mentally unstable or it can be done to get the man out of the house. In the past, I have defended men falsely accused by women who had consensual sex and when their boyfriend finds out, claimed they were raped. Many times, the true victim is the man that is falsely accused. Teachers are accused by disgruntled students. Stepfathers are accused by stepdaughters. Even wives can accuse their husbands and former spouses of sexual abuse. Do not become a registered sex offender for life. Do not go to prison on a false charge. Call today for a free consultation at 941 366 3506 or 239 334 8890

Lewd Behavior / Indecent Exposure

Experienced Sex Crime Defense Attorneys
Peter D Aiken : Sarasota 941-366-3506
Sean O’Halloran : Ft Myers 239-334-8890
Andrew Banyai : Punta Gorda 941-639-6009

Arrested for Indecent Exposure or Lewd Behavior?
In recent years, police and law enforcement in Southwest Florida have stepped up their efforts in prosecuting crimes such as indecent exposure, lewd conduct and prostitution. They have gone so far as to pose as prostitutes to entrap innocent people. If you have been charged with such a crime, you must deal with the embarrassment and public humiliation of an arrest, in addition to any potential penalties you incur such as jail, fines or court costs.
Peter Aiken is here to defend you, not to judge you.
Contact us for a free consultation if you have been charged with:
• Indecent exposure
• Lewd behavior
• Solicitation for prostitution
• Prostitution
• Lewd acts in a public place
• Lewd or lascivious conduct
• Or other alleged sex crimes
Defending People Charged With Lewd Behavior and Indecent Exposure
Attorney Peter Aiken will examine every aspect of your case, looking for ways to obtain a dismissal of the charge or reduction to a lesser non-sex crime.
Did the behavior meet the definition of the crime in the statute? Did the police fail to follow proper procedures when making the arrest? Did they unlawfully entrap you? Were you lured or enticed by an undercover officer? Was there an unlawful search and seizure or a coerced confession? Was the evidence gathered properly?
The answers to these and other questions may hold the key to a successful defense. Successful defense requires thorough investigation, knowledge of the law and experience.
Obtaining a Dismissal or Reduced Charge
Peter Aiken has represented many people like you — people who made a momentary bad decision or who were entrapped by police. His job is to protect your rights and minimize the inconvenience, embarrassment and penalties you incur.
Fortunately, many misdemeanor sex charges can be reduced to a non-related sex charge such as disorderly conduct. If not dismissed entirely, Peter Aiken will represent you with skill, determination and sensitivity in negotiating, plea-bargaining or when necessary defending you before a jury.
He will be your strong advocate — defending your rights always and seeking the best possible outcome.
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