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That could never happen to me. Or so you think.

We live in dangerous times and the “Me Too” movement has made it even worse. All it takes is a false accusation to ruin your life and your reputation forever. It may be an accusation from decades ago, and if the alleged crime involved a minor, you could find yourself arrested and facing trial for what an adult now says happened to them decades ago. If you even get a hint you are under investigation for something that happened years ago, contact a qualified and experienced sex crime lawyer immediately. It has become increasingly popular for women to “come forward” with accusations about things they claim happened to them when they were a child or teenager. An adult woman can be in counseling or therapy for drug use or some psychological problem and talk about events from years past and the counselor is under and obligation to make a report.

Things have a way of spinning out of control and before you know it, a major criminal investigation can be underway.

When there is an accusation about an alleged prior child molestation or a child sex offense, the detectives almost always have the purported victim make a “controlled call” where a recording is secretly being made to try and elicit an admission. They will have the “victim” try and trick the person she has accused into making an admission. Most of the time, the accuser is a relative or close family friend who claims to have been sexually abused in the past. If you get a call out of the blue, from someone you knew in the past, and the call sounds suspicious, politely terminate the call and get in touch with a lawyer immediately. Grand dads and Step dads are particularly at risk for being falsely accused. Everyone always tends to believe the accuser but in my experience, half the time, there is no basis whatsoever for the accusation. Do not think that this will simply go away or think you can talk your way out of a problem. You have heard the term “lawyer up” on television. It really is in your best interest to do so. There is no shame in hiring a lawyer and it may be the best decision you ever make. The simple truth is that many sex allegations are simply fabricated by children and young adults who in some instances have convinced themselves that something happened.

As a sex crime attorney, I see this over and over. Do not be lulled into making something they will later claim is an admission. Shut up and lawyer up.


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