Hillsborough Human Trafficking Stings destroys lives

It is time for legalized regulated prostitution

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Law enforcement continues to create human trafficking cases in Tampa.  Is it really human trafficking, or are the police creating crimes with outrageous entrapment techniques?

In recent Tampa and Brandon cases, Detectives first post on common escort sites, pretending to be adult prostitutes.  The police are actually soliciting for prostitution offering what initially they represent as adult women to engage in sexual activity for money.  When guys call in, they change the age, then claiming that the prostitute is actually 17 years old.  In doing so, the police  elevate what would normally be a misdemeanor, to a felony human trafficking charge, potentially carrying a life sentence.  In recent cases, the female detectives posted videos on Instagram, scantily clad, in sexual poses, encouraging guys to come and engage in sex for money.

In almost every one of the cases, there is no human trafficking victim, and it is a female detective, pretending to be an underage prostitute.  This enables the detectives to turn a misdemeanor into a major felony making the men arrested face decades in prison, and life long sex offender registration.  Law enforcement is actually creating a felony by engaging in what appears to be illegal conduct,  solicitation for prostitution.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession.  It has been around since the beginning of time.  It is true, that in some instances, women are taken advantage of by human traffickers that trick them into prostitution lifestyles.  Many are from foreign countries and are trafficked in involuntary servitude by violent pimps and gangs.  They are truly the victims of human trafficking.

There are however many adult women however that have chosen this lifestyle because of the lucrative money they can make as a “working girl” in just a few hours.  Many women have chosen the worlds oldest profession rather than work at regular jobs.  Life is about choices.

The answer to stopping human trafficking is to legalize prostitution and regulate it, like all of the other vices, such as smoking, drinking and drugs.  Prostitution will never be stopped or ceased to exist.  If there were legitimate facilities that offered prostitution, it would put the human traffickers out of business.

 A good example is the Florida lottery.  Before the Florida lottery, there was the old illegal “numbers game” where people could play a number and bet a two, three or four digit number based on a number from the Cuban Lottery or some other random number that could not be manipulated.  Then came the Florida lottery and it put the illegal lottery out of business.

If a man could go to a legitimate prostitution facility, where the women are medically tested, where they did not have to fear getting robbed or mugged, where the girls are clean and drug free, no one would even think of going to an illegal human trafficking operation. 

Here is the simple truth.  Some men are insecure and lack the social skills to get laid.  Some men are workaholics and lack the time to engage in a relationship.  Some men don’t want to lie to a woman about love or their affection just to engage in sex.  Prostitution fulfills a “need” in society and has been around since the beginning of time.  In most of the civilized world it is accepted and tolerated.

The answer to stopping human trafficking is to create a legal alternative (just as we have done with the illegal gambling and with marijuana). 

As a criminal defense lawyer, and (former federal agent), I have seen this from both sides.  There are some activities that cannot be stopped, and a far better solution, it to make the activity safer and better regulated.  Prostitution even predates human development.  Female chimpanzees even traded sex for food and protection

The human trafficking stings are well intended, but totally ineffective, and worse yet, destroy lives.  A man, simply seeking a sexual encounter, can end up being in prison for years, can end up being a registered sex offender for life, can end up being a convicted felon, all because he answered an escort ad run by the Hillsborough Sheriff’s office.

The police need to be concentrating on real crime, not creating crime.  If you saw the Instagram videos the detectives placed to lure men, you would be shocked.  A video with a female detective posing on a bed in black panties with the caption “Who wants a biteee”  is not legitimate law enforcement.

Over the years, as a defense attorney, I have defended both prostitutes as well as the “johns” that pay them for sex.  As a sex crime lawyer, I have watched the laws get harsher and the harm get greater for those arrested.  As a sex sting lawyer, I have represented over fifty men arrested in sex stings.  In almost every one of those cases, the man was not looking for a minor a child.  It was classic bait and switch by law enforcement and the police arrested “weak” and “insecure men”, who had no intention of hooking up with a minor, until the police suggested and pitched it.

The public needs to learn the truth about what law enforcement and the State Attorneys Office is doing in these types of cases.

Legitimate legalized prostitution is the answer

Meetme.com is latest ICAC Internet Sex Sting Hookup Site

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Ever since the Feds shut down Craigslist Casual Encounters and Backpage.com, undercover ICAC detectives have been struggling to create arrests. In past years, the ICAC task forces routinely used Craigslist as there number one way of entrapping unsuspecting men with their bait and switch Internet Sex Stings. This has dramatically reduced the number of arrests nationwide and particularly here in Florida. They have not run one of the normal stings here in Sarasota in quite a while.

Arrest numbers are down in internet stings and you can expect law enforcement to dream up some new way to entice unsuspecting men into compromising situations.

The other Social Media sites are now being targeted. The number one site they are using is Meetme.com. Did you ever read the “Rules of Use” for Meetme.com? You are supposed to be over 18 to be on this site. The undercover detectives are now posting profiles that are in direct violation of the rules of use. They post age regressed photographs of attractive young women, sometimes scantily clad with suggestive catch phrases. When a man responds they do the “switch” and say something like “I am only 15”. If anyone on Meetme.com ever says they are under the age of 18, you can bet, they are an undercover cop. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Never chat with anyone that says they are a minor. Never, no never, send a sexually explicit photograph to anyone under 18.

As a sex crime lawyer, I have handled over 40 Internet Sex Sting cases all over Florida. The police are supposed to be targeting men who target children. Sadly, it is law enforcement that is targeting innocent lonely men. The police are the ones doing the luring, seducing and enticing. Here in Sarasota and Manatee County the statistics are way down and I remind everyone, never chat with anyone unless you are positive they are an adult. Do not get talked into chatting with a minor. Do not do it!
Police are also targeting the remaining escort sites, particularly in Polk County and in the Orlando and Daytona area. Normally it is only a misdemeanor to try to hook up with a prostitute. However, if the undercover prostitute claims she is 14, 15 or 16 years old, terminate all contact. They don’t call it jail bait for nothing.

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Compare Qualifications and experience when hiring a lawyer

Do not wait until you are arrested or formally charged

Date Rape and Statutory Rape

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January 2017

Being falsely accused of a sex crime is a horrible thing.

As a sex crime lawyer, I have seen innocent men falsely accused and under investigation facing malicious false accusations by women.

The crime is actually called sexual battery.

It can take the form of forcible rape or simple alleged non consensual sex in a dating setting. The police routinely believe the woman. The prosecutors almost always take the side of the accuser. Many rape reports and allegations are simply false and most have an ulterior motive by the accuser. Statutory rape is having sex with an underage girl. Many times this involves a 15 year old female who was the real aggressor in a sexual situation. Many times the 15 year old lied about her age or even had a false identification. They sneak in with false identification. You may be arrested even if the girl came on to you and seemingly consented.

When it comes to date rape, some women want to blame their partners for their own indiscretion.

Women and men drink too much or abuse drugs and sex occurs. Some women will not take responsibility for their own conduct and days or weeks later claim they were drugged or the sex was non consensual. This happens all the time in the college setting. Custody disputes in divorce cases often involve allegations of underage sex. Sometimes, money is the real reason. Athletes are common targets for false allegations. As a sex crime lawyer for over thirty years,I have defended false allegations of sexual battery. These cases are defensible and a timely investigation is critical. Do not wait until you are arrested. Many times criminal defense lawyers can expose the false allegation before an arrest occurs.
How to defend against a false charge

Most of the time, there is a reason for the false allegation. It can be jealousy. It can be to gain custody of the child. The accuser can be mentally unstable or it can be done to get the man out of the house. In the past, I have defended men falsely accused by women who had consensual sex and when their boyfriend finds out, claimed they were raped. Many times, the true victim is the man that is falsely accused. Teachers are accused by disgruntled students. Stepfathers are accused by stepdaughters. Even wives can accuse their husbands and former spouses of sexual abuse. Do not become a registered sex offender for life. Do not go to prison on a false charge. Call today for a free consultation at 941 366 3506 or 239 334 8890

Defending Women Charged with Sex Crimes

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January 2017

It is rare, but women do get charged with having sex with minors. Often this occurs in a school setting between a teacher and a teenage boy. More and more the State is prosecuting these types of cases. A minor, legally cannot give consent, so various sex acts with minors are classified as sexual battery.

These crimes can result in a person becoming a registered sex offender for life and even worse result in long State prison sentences in the Florida Department of corrections.

The State can also charge the woman with a lewd and lascivious act with a person over 12 years of age.

There is somewhat of a double standard when it comes to women but juries have been known to convict women charged in child sex crimes.

As a sex crime lawyer, I have found that the same defenses apply to both men and women. Male jurors may be a little more sympathetic but the female jurors will often hold a woman to a higher standard. Teenage boys are “willing” victims and are often proud of having sex with an older woman. Legally, however, they are still “victims” under the law. Often, alcohol is involved and may have impaired the woman as well as the kids. If the woman provided the alcohol, it makes the case tougher but not impossible. There may be a “mental” defense and it pays to have the woman have a thorough psycho-sexual evaluation. It may not be a legal defense but may help in mitigation.

I have been defending sex crimes all my life (forty years of actually defending sex crimes) and have found that no case is impossible. Friends and relatives often abandon people charged with a child sex crime, but in reality, this is when a friend or relative needs help the most. If you have a friend or relative charged with a sex crime and want to talk, call me at 941 366 3506 for a free consultation


The cops want to talk to me….What should I do?

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I hear that all the time, and most of the time, my answer is the same…keep your mouth shut.

Almost every day innocent people get falsely accused, and some get unjustly convicted and some spend decades in prison for a crime they did not commit.

Our criminal justice system is not perfect and innocent people sometimes are arrested. When it comes to sex crimes, false accusations often made. Unfortunately, all it takes is a false accusation, which the police generally assume is true, to ruin a life.
Most sex crimes are a one on one, he said, she said situation.

A woman can engage in consensual sex and the next day claim rape.
A jealous step daughter may hate her new “dad” and falsely accuse him.
A jealous former girlfriend may make a false accusation or an ex wife in a custody dispute may make an allegation of sexual abuse on one of the kids.
False accusations are made all the time.

Never, no never, speak with the police without consulting a criminal lawyer first.

As a sex crime lawyer, I do not charge for an initial consultation. If the police contact you, pick up the phone and talk to a lawyer before you say a word. You may not understand the law and you may not understand the damage an admission will make in your case. The police are masters at getting people to make admissions and confessions. They do not have to advise you of your rights until they arrest or detain you, and by then, it may be too late. The damage may have been done and you may have provided the key piece of evidence in the form of an admission. Sometimes they twist what you say and when you read the police report, what you said and what they say your said are two different things. Play it safe, lawyer up, keep your mouth shut and let a professional do his job.

As an Experienced Sex Crime Criminal Defense Attorney,in sex cases, like:

Sexual battery

Lewd and lascivious conduct with a child

Child pornography

an admission often makes the difference between winning and losing.

If the police show up at your door and start asking questions about your computer usage, sites you have visited or worse yet ask you to surrender your computer call a sex crime lawyer immediately. Never surrender your computer, even if they threaten to get a warrant. Exercising a constitutional right does not mean you are guilty. If you do not exercise it however, it might make the difference between being found guilty or going free. If the cops are at your door…they have a reason and purpose…it is no accident.

If you have questions, call for a free consultation, before you make a huge mistake.

In Sarasota my number is 941 366 3506 or in Ft. Myers, the number is 239 334 8890