Defending against the “lie” in a sex case

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Defending a sex crime case is not easy. The deck is stacked against you because generally, people start off believing the accuser. It the accuser is a child, most of the time the cops start off biased, your family does not believe you, the prosecutors detest you and the judges punish you with a ridiculous bond before you are even convicted.

Many criminal defense lawyers are not experienced in defending sex crime allegations. Sex crimes like statutory rape, sexual battery or lewd and lascivious acts involve a one on one, “he said, she said” situation. The simple truth is that many times the sex crime charge is simply not true. Being simply accused can ruin your life. For that reason, if you are “under investigation” you absolutely should hire a really qualified sex crime lawyer, before you make any statement, before your allow any search, or before you give anyone access to your computer or cell phone.

I have seen some lawyers give people horrible advice. Some people, thinking they are doing the right thing, delete texts, erase pictures or videos or destroy evidence. Many times that hurts and does not help their case. Don’t do anything until you get good advice from a lawyer that knows how to defend a sex crime.

Over the years, I have handled lots of cases involving step daughters or teen age girls making false accusations. I have handled cases where a “soon to be ex-wife” has her daughter make up a story to get the upper hand in a nasty divorce. A false accusation of child sex abuse will always result in the guy getting thrown out of the house and a no contact order being entered. A teenage girl is the most manipulative creature on the planet and news flash…teenage girls lie.
Challenging a lie and attacking credibility is a skill some lawyers lack. There are ways to attack credibility. There are ways to show an accuser’s motive to lie. There are ways to create inconsistent statements. There are ways to create reasonable doubt. Children do make up stuff. Keep in mind that a six or seven year old still believes there is a Santa Clause or Easter Bunny. A manipulative spouse or girlfriend may manipulate the child into actually believing something happened, when it really did not. Women sometimes use their kids as pawns in a vindictive manner to punish a spouse or boyfriend out of jealously or rage. Sometimes, it is for money or to get the house or most often “custody” of the child.

Most good sex crime lawyers will give you a free consultation…Talk to a good lawyer before doing anything

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