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Grady Judd has done it again…..104 “March Sadness” arrests

The latest Internet sex sting in Polk County resulted in numerous prostitution and solicitation arrests. The emphasis in the sex stings has shifted from targeting so called child predators to targeting consenting adults looking to simply get laid. News flash Grady…they don’t call it the world’s oldest profession for nothing. This is an enormous waste of precious police resources.

How many burglaries were committed while dozens of the Sheriff’s detectives were trying to lure consenting adults into sex for money relationships?

How many car thefts?

How many elderly were bilked out of their savings?

How many violent crimes were committed during the same period of time that the detectives were posing as prostitutes on

Grady Judd bragged in the television conference that there were a thousand responses to the undercover detective’s prostitution ads. So while they were answering 1000 calls, how many legitimate 911 calls were not responded to?

This is just stupid to the max. The answer is to legitimize and regulate prostitution. There would not be human trafficking if prostitution was legal.

If a man wants to pay a woman for sex, and if the woman wants to engage in sex, why is it the State’s business?

The days of pimps taking advantage of women are pretty much over. The Internet has replaced the pimp. Women can simply place ads on the Internet offering their services and men can respond. This reminds me of the Dolly Parton movie, “The best little whorehouse in Texas”. Remember the Bible thumping news reporter that was on a mission to put her out of business. Grady needs to get off his pedestal and get with the times. I would be willing to be that Grady is trying to position himself for a run at some greater elected office.

As a sex crime lawyer, this may be good for business, but is a terrible waste of Court resources. The “crime” is a misdemeanor and in my opinion, a victimless crime. And oh, by the way, some people who showed up has some pot. OMG, they wanted to get stoned get laid. I guess Grady Judd was asleep during the sixties and seventies. So much for “looking for love and feeling groovy”.

The public needs to wake up to the political grandstanding. I guess he wants to be the “law east of the Pecos”
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