Another Prostitution Sting on Tamiami Trail or US 41 in Sarasota

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March 2017

The Sarasota police mean well but the simple truth is that they will never put an end to the world’s oldest profession.

The only way to deal with this issue is to make prostitution legal.

You are never going to defeat or eliminate this issue with criminal prosecution.

There is an old saying that desperate people do desperate things. If you have homeless women or drug addicted women, with no income and no anything, they will do what they have to do to survive. What they need is help, financial assistance, drug treatment, counseling and a place to stay. Sarasota has a real homeless problem. We need to address that issue. Many are mentally challenged and cannot fend for themselves. Sarasota is an affluent town and predominantly Christian.

What the homeless need here is a little Christian compassion and help.

The police now are arresting the “Johns”, the customers who stop to pick up the working girls walking the street. If prostitution was legal, and regulated, the men would not be taking a chance with the women on the street. Why run the risk of getting robbed, or infected with AIDS if a man could safely go to a legal medically inspected and cleared prostitute? It is because it is illegal that human trafficking exists.

We learned nothing from the illegalization of alcohol or marijuana.

If you take the illegal money out of it then the “problem” is 90% solved.

As a Sarasota criminal defense lawyer, I have defended both the working girls and the “Johns”. For the men, an arrest is an embarrassing humiliating event. The female undercover cops walk 41 setting up the stings. They smile and give passing men the “eye” and encourage them to stop. Many times, it is the undercover police detective that actually does the soliciting. They initiate the conversation about money. They offer oral sex or encourage the men to come to a motel down the street.

Who is doing the real soliciting?

What crime is being solved?

The truth is that a crime is being created so an arrest can be made. We need to spend our law enforcement dollars wisely and this is a total waste of manpower and dollars.